August 26, 2012
Diefenbunker Ryan

Ryan's seen many tourist attractions in the last year, so we decided that he should visit the Diefenbunker - Ottawa's "secret" underground bomb shelter built to protect the Canadian government in case of nuclear attack. It's rather unique.


Every time I go I'm struck by two things:


1) Only the whole world being utterly destroyed would be enough incentive for me to put up with the decor - such a depressing work place!

2) It would be super fun place for a giant game of laser tag


This was our second visit, and Brendan found it seemed much smaller this time. Especially given how many people (approximately 500) were supposed to live there!


As soon as Elizabeth realized that Ryan was willing to read her endless stories, she warmed up to him very quickly. She was sad to see him go home...



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