August 25, 2012
Opa Ryan

Cousin Ryan visited all the continents this year, so naturally we made him promise not to neglect our little part of the world!


He came this weekend and I had planned my favourite meal with greek salad, homemade pita bread, homemade tzaziki (cucumbers from our own garden!), souvlaki and flaming cheese. This is undoubtedly why I chose lunchtime to accidentally consume four slices of whole wheat bread, rendering me totally unfit to eat any dinner at all, let alone greet our guest. There was a lot of puking in a very short period of time.


In my defense, the bread was labelled "Sunflower Rice bread", cost $7 for a small dense loaf that tasted like most commercial gluten-free bread (in other words, I was unimpressed) and was on a shelf with a price tag indicating "gluten free". Turns out someone had moved it into the wrong slot and it was actually some kind of uber healthy organic loaf. Let's just say that it's been determined that a) I am still celiac and b) I will never neglect to read the ingredients list again.


I did manage to make it downstairs in time to see the flaming cheese (and Xander's reaction to said cheese).

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