September 30, 2012
Brendan's Birthday

Josie and Dan were staying for Brendan's birthday weekend, so there was lots of cousinly fun. Hours alone were spent jumping on Elizabeth's "sheepdog teeter-totter", in order to launch a stick (and later a ball) as high in the air as possible. There was much discussion of what exactly caused an improvement in height. Size and shape of item being launched? Pivot point? We gave a few suggestions here and there but mostly let them figure it out. Josie managed to launch the stick clear into the tree and all were very impressed.


For dinner, Brendan requested lasagna and a Black Forest cake. Elizabeth decided he *had* to have a Cars cake just like Daniel. Once Daddy ascertained that I thought I could accommodate both requests, he was very indulgent. We used raspberries instead of cherries though, for family allergy reasons. Working around all the fruit, nut and flour restrictions is getting complicated!


We got him a huge slab of wood for a present, cleverly disguised as a beaver (it's going to be his new workshop bench).

On November 7, 2012 at 08:03 am
Mary @ Parenthood said:
Elizabeth wanted me to point out that the beaver should have had ORANGE teeth!

(We just did a unit on beavers. It's amazing how many drawn pictures, statues, stuffed animals etc show the beaver with white teeth - this is just not right!)
On December 3, 2012 at 11:45 am
Grandpa H said:
Maybe the beaver used tooth whitener... ;)

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