December 13, 2012
Breech baby

Elizabeth has been trying to help us come up with a name for her brother.  At first these consisted of the usual suspects: Baby, Dolly, etc...  Once we worked over this hump we came to such gems as Beth and Elizabeth.  We then moved on to a whole new class of names: Baby who can't even drink from a sippy cup, Baby who can't do anything, Baby who... you get the idea.  After some discussions on how names are forever and no she wouldn't really like it if we had named her something like that we started to develop some more "usual" names.  Fierce and Belgium being two of our favourites.  Somewhere in there we also had some fits of distress over not calling her sibling this or that with this or that changing more frequently than the bibs on her "babies".  Brendan and I seem to be much better at coming up with girl names.  Oh well Fierce Belgium does have a certain something to it.

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