January 2, 2013
33w 6d

I don't think I blogged about Raynaud's last time on the grounds that it's rather TMI but now that it's winter and I'm pregnant it's a big problem again. I don't have any problems with my hands or feet - instead let's just say I'd be very interested in finding a heated bra! (There's a pretty good description about halfway down here). It's extremely painful. On the plus side I feel like I'm coping with it better this time. Perhaps it's just that I've just had more practice!


I am much, much heavier than my more than a foot taller husband. This is the depressing part of pregnancy. On the plus side, baby's growth is in the 50th percentile and they do not believe he is growth restricted like Elizabeth. He was "probably" still breech at our appointment, but Mommy has noticed him transverse and then back to "probably breech". It's kind of hard to tell most of the time. I've decided that small wiggly growth restricted babies lying transverse are much more comfortable than normal up and down babies. Transverse is definitely more comfortable - it's hard to kick Mommy's vital organs if you are lying sideways.  I don't love the shortness of breath that comes with baby pushing on my diaphragm either. Did I mention I am very uncomfortable a lot of the time?


If baby doesn't turn head down, then I will have a second c-section as VBAC in Ottawa requires a "perfect" position. I was resigned to getting a date today, but midwife Jessica says we still have time. I'm to double-check his position with ultrasound in the next couple of weeks but no decisions will be made until 36 weeks now. Elizabeth was delivered at 39 weeks, but Jessica said barring something unexpected happening they'd likely let this pregnancy go longer since baby is growing so nicely.  That means projected date is currently somewhere between February 7th and 14th. 



On January 9, 2013 at 11:38 am
Amy said:
Ouch. I also had Raynaud's and it is very uncomfortable. I am hoping for your VBAC.

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