May 27, 2009
Double the trouble or twice the fun?

I caught a glimpse of life with two kids today as we took Erika for the afternoon.  Mom - I'm quite impressed...


Elizabeth enjoyed hearing her cousin sing to her, but naptime suffered a wee bit.  We played with toys, puzzles, made cookies and read books and more books and more books.  And then suddenly it was 5:30pm and Auntie Mary ran out of steam. 


So we resorted to computer games.  Fisher-Price has a phonics game that Erika found very interesting and she enjoyed the alphabet zoo game too.  Most of the others she found about as lame as I did.   Watching an animated hockey player shoot a puck into a net over and over again while a narrator counts is not the most thrilling way I can think of learning your numbers (and Erika knows her numbers already anyway).  We tried out a memory matching game that was deemed a little too ugly and a classic adventure style game that I highly doubt was designed for preschoolers.


Then we discovered the free colouring sheets and the computer lost its appeal except as a magic colouring sheet generator.

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