January 14, 2013

The January thaw we're currently experiencing has dramatically reduced our giant snow banks, but although we can see grass (!!!) in places we still have a couple of feet of snow on our front lawn. It's very wet packing snow; easy to work with and since it is so warm we have mostly indulged the preschooler's demands to play outside until her snowsuit is saturated with water or it is too dark to see what we are doing.


Every play session outside seems to involve the need to rebuild Elizabeth's snow fort. Snow forts apparently require a window through which small children can slide in and out like seals Turns out that building forts is challenging when eight months pregnant and your snow pants don't fit. Luckily my rain pants have enough elastic to hold a small elephant, so I'm making do.


It's a bit odd to be building snow forts to the soundtrack of trickling water, massive chunks of snow and ice sliding off various buildings and singing chickadees, but Elizabeth can easily spend a couple of hours rolling and sliding around outside without even getting cold so she's beyond thrilled.

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