January 23, 2013
Capital of extremes
A while back you may remember that we were complaining about the ridiculous heat.  Now while this may not be hot compared to some places you have to take it in context.  Here we live in a city of temperature extremes.  On the one hand we can see plus 38 C and on the other we can get -30 C.  That's a spread of 70 C and doesn't take into account humidex or wind chill (both of which we do pretty well on as well).  So while some places may be hotter and some places may be colder there are few that see the range we do for a major city.  The shot of the car was taken at nearly 10 AM by which time the sun had been busy warming up the air for quite some time (albeit not very effectively).  The forecast screen shot was after sunrise as well and was likely not the coldest it got either.  Anyway while this is all very interesting, Elizabeth would really much rather that it warmed up a bit so that she can go outside and play.  Please.

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