February 9, 2013
Sleeping in a tent

Elizabeth's bed is actually her crib which converted into a toddler bed.  With her brother in imminent danger of arriving we have been debating long and hard how to get the crib back and what to do for Elizabeth's bed now.


For a year or two now Elizabeth has been petitioning for a bed just like our neighbour's little girl.  To be fair it is quite the bed.  It is a bunk bed with a slide down from the second level.  We puzzled long and hard and finally came to the conclusion that there is no way such a bed would fit in her current room.  We looked at all sorts of other options and finally decided that the sensible thing to do is to wait until she moves into her own room (as opposed to our office which is where she is now) and then get her a new bed with suitable fanfare and the likes.  The only problem with this is that all of our other bedrooms are temporarily occupied.


So having decided to postpone the real bed purchase (at least for a little while) we were back to figuring out how to extract the crib from Elizabeth in the meantime without causing her lifelong trauma.   After weeks of agonizing over this an answer came to us courtesy of the internet.  We tripped over the idea of a bed tent.  Now the only problem was getting one in time.  After searching online we found a few options but they were all going to be both more than we really wanted to spend on a temporary solution and take too long to get here.  Luckily Brendan is handy and after reviewing the photos online and spending some quality time in the plumbing aisle at Home Depot, he came up with a plan and carted home the requisite bits and pieces.  While Elizabeth played outside in the 25cm of fresh snow that we got yesterday he measured, cut, drilled and assembled the tent frame.  Elizabeth came up to see what all the noise was just as he was vacuuming up the debris.  Fortunately the results were a hit with her and we took the opportunity to quickly move her bed and convert it back to a crib.


We barbecued some hamburgers in the snow to amuse flat Grandma and Grandpa and then Mommy, Auntie Janice and Grandma worked to put some fabric on the tent frame so that Elizabeth could sleep properly in her new tent bed.  We plan to do something a bit more "proper" for the fabric but that can wait a little bit now.


Elizabeth was very excited until she was all tucked in and then she announced she actually wanted to sleep in her old bed and not have a tent. She's been rather fickle lately - demanding that Angie put her to bed and then bursting into tears because "she didn't want anyone except Mommy to put her to bed". Demanding to play with Grandma J and then telling her to go play "somewhere else". In the end she agreed to sleep in her new bed!


A bit last minute but everything appears to be well...

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