February 21, 2013
First Outing
So today was venture gingerly downstairs for the first time day. As if that wasn't exciting enough we also got to venture outside and down the street to the midwife's office. Matthew was predictably unimpressed by being bundled up to go out but did settle right down within a few seconds of being taken out into the bright sunny -24 with the wind. By the time we made it to the office five minutes later he had actually fallen asleep and was equally unimpressed to be unbundled and poked and prodded. Matthew's doing well. He got a thorough check out amd was declared to be doing well. He does have some bleeding from his belly button (he lost his umbilical stump possibly due to a tug on his clothes) but it seems to be ok and we were just asked to keep an eye on it. His growth has slowed a bit but is still quite acceptable at about 20 grams per day. Mommy got orders to take some iron supplements as her iron level is quite low after the surgery. After our appointment we were faced with the long journey home. Now seasoned travelers we managed the return trip without incident.
On March 8, 2013 at 09:06 am
Grandpa H said:
What a delightful little guy!

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