March 7, 2013
Visit to CHEO

Matthew is three weeks old and his sister already gave him his first cold. He's got a nasty sounding cough and stuffy nose full of green yuck. Yesterday midwife Laurence asked us to take him to his doctor if he was still coughing tomorrow, but when he started running a mild fever on top of everything we decided we'd better go today. Our pediatrician Dr Lynn took one look at his age and temperature and decided that 37.8 was close enough to febrile and sent us to CHEO. She wasn't quite sure what they would do; apparently in the States they would take blood, perform a lumbar puncture and probably admit to give drugs by IV. Turns out that CHEO's policies are similar but child must reach magic temperature of 38C. Phew! We had to wait about 3.5 hours before we saw a doctor. I was relieved as longer waits mean that the triage nurses think you aren't dying... Once we got into an isolation room a nurse suctioned his nose out quite thoroughly. There were great protests but afterwards he was obviously feeling much better.

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