March 13, 2013
One month
At one month Matthew is able to hold his head up for quite a long time. Very chatty. He's a content little soul, as long as you don't take him too far from his Mommy. If he's hungry and there is no food he starts to grumble.', getting progressively louder with his wahs until he reaches inconsolable. But if you tell him you are going to find Mommy, he'll usually stop crying while you go downstairs and won't start again unless he decides you are taking too long to find her. Mommy can also usually get him to stop crying while getting ready to feed him - he's patient as long as he feels that his food is coming as fast as possible... He spends most of his time nursing. He doesn't often spit up either. I'd say we don't know where he puts it all but our laundry sure does! Before Elizabeth was born we bought a "two day diaper supply" of 24 prefolds and 7 covers. These didn't last two days with Elizabeth and it doesn't last two with Matthew either. Sigh.

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