March 2, 2013
A zoo party

Elizabeth was very excited to finally have her party.


Both sets of grandparents, Auntie Yukiko, Uncle Chris, Erika, Maria, Uncle Dave, Auntie Karen, Xander and Auntie Janice were all present, along with special guest Rachel. Elizabeth checked and double-checked whether I had remembered to invite "godmother Rachel", so I was quite relieved that Rachel was able to come.


Elizabeth declared that she wants to invite all the same people for her fifth birthday party too, although she rather wistfully wondered whether Nora could come next time.


Auntie Janice made a super treasure hunt for each of Elizabeth's presents, continuing a tradition we started last year. It helps occupy the guests who at this age aren't otherwise that fond of watching someone else receive gifts and reduces "present fatigue". The actual treasure hunt clues were very clever (and it was so nice to hear Erika effortlessly reading them out - last year she could hardly read; this year she's turned into an avid book worm!)


We played "pin the trunk on the elephant". Elizabeth was quite amused by the game, but less amused when Erika pinned her trunk much closer than she did. Elizabeth's trunk was closer to bum than nose... She wanted to play again until she won, but I managed to convince her that she should play "What time is it Mrs Crocodile?" instead. She let them get closer, closer and closer until the last question, at which point she yelled "Cake time!" with great delight and we all headed upstairs for munchies and cake.

On March 23, 2013 at 10:20 pm
Jess said:
Awwwww. Nora was very excited to get her birthday present from Elizabeth. Although, I had to distract her from disappointment that she couldn't 'grow her butterflies' right away.

Can't wait to get our girls (and boys) together at thanksgiving!

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