April 8, 2013
Two months old

At eight weeks, Matthew is noticeably more alert. He loves to stand up holding on to Mom or Dad's fingers. It's a very wobbly sort of standing with a lot of leg crunches thrown in but it's by far his favourite activity. It looks exhausting. He's head butted Daddy in the chest quite vigorously a few times now. Mom's chest tends to be distracting so I haven't had that problem yet!

We've started parking him in the bumbo during mealtimes as he is able to sit with assistance now, but not for terribly long. We can tell when he's getting tired; he starts listing to one side.


His sleep schedule is much more predictable. He's up in the night only once or twice, usually around 2 and 4am. Unfortunately, he then wants to nurse for half an hour and needs multiple diaper changes. I was able to stay mostly asleep with Elizabeth and she went back to bed immediately upon waking. Matthew seems to have his waking and sleeping times more consolidated.


Sill eating LOTS. Grandma J looked after both kids for FIVE hours on Saturday while Brendan and I went on a rather geeky date to judge the regional science fair. Matthew does NOT drink from a bottle, but sneaky Grandma managed to get him to drink approximately three ounces of milk one drop at a time and he didn't appear to be starving too badly upon my return.


He's a very grabby baby. He's batted at toys nearly since birth but now he's taken to grabbing glasses, necklaces and my hair to the point that I've started wearing it tied back!


As reward for putting up with cranken-baby in the evenings, we are now frequently favoured with big toothless smiles. The endless fussing is actually subsiding, but last time we said that Matthew blessed us with the worst screaming fit yet. Hopefully he doesn't read the blog yet...


He does seem to be starting to communicate. Lots of coos and very emphatic babbling, which both Elizabeth and Brendan have taken to "interpreting". We are halfway convinced that he has started signing milk (and diaper, less consistently), despite still having nearly newborn level limb control over his arms.

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