April 12, 2013
Road Trip!

My parents are speaking at Crosshill church this weekend (among other things about changing mission organizations from MAF to SIM) and the extended family is taking the opportunity to have a delayed Easter get together. So we thought it would be a good time to take Matthew to meet his great grandparents.


Yesterday was spring, complete with flowers and no need for a coat. Today spring was cancelled. We woke up to a freezing rain storm - ice coating the roads and snow falling fast and furious. We wondered if we'd have to postpone our trip, but Grandma and Grandpa H had left early in the morning and advised us that the 401 was clear. So we drove carefully. Turns out it was quite the storm. The ice was so heavy that a state of emergency was declared at our destination - many trees snapped under the weight and the power was out for days in places. In Ottawa, a big truck changed lanes and shattered the windshield of an OC Transpo bus with the icy slush thrown up from under its wheels. A tree fell on the Via rail line and badly damaged a train. But luckily we didn't experience any of that! In fact, the roads were pretty good by the time we were on them. The 416 was slow but not terribly slippery as we had the good fortune to be driving right behind a salt truck for much of the way.

Matthew travels well. We only had to stop twice between Ottawa and Toronto. The trip took 5.5 hours, including stops! Matthew mainly slept, and only cried when he needed a diaper change. Towards the end he got hungry and then I wished I was able to sit in the back of the car as I did when Elizabeth was an infant. Sadly, there isn't a lot of room between the two car seats! So while I got him some milk in a bottle, actually giving it to him required some rather interesting contorsions. 


We discovered that Elizabeth has truly dropped her nap because she didn't sleep at all during the trip. Instead we played road games... More on that later...

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