June 11, 2009
Feeling better

We appear to have survived Elizabeth's first illness.  It was some sort of flu - and yes, based on symptoms it is possible that the lot of us suffered from the pandemic virus although they are only testing those people who are sick enough to warrant emergency treatment.  I always told Brendan that no good would come of all the oinking he does at the baby!


In any case, Elizabeth is now mostly over it and we officially have our happy smiley baby back.  To celebrate, she seems to be going through another growth spurt.  She spent basically all of yesterday eating.  She would finish eating and we would think "Ah finally" and then five minutes later it was as if she hadn't been fed in hours...  It's a good thing she is really cute!

On June 12, 2009 at 00:15 am
Tonggu Momma said:
She IS cute! Loved reading your "about us" story. Thanks for dropping by - we've actually taken that course before - hence the "fight" carrying over into the next day. Some of us (ahem - me) need our sleep to stay sane. LOL.

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