April 29, 2013
The Cat

I guess this is Elizabeth's first creative writing assignment...


Elizabeth is quite keen to learn how to read, so we've been working our way through Jessie Wise and Sara Buffington's Ordinary Parent's guide to Teaching Reading. The further we get, the more time she is spending sounding out the letters she sees. I'm realizing just how many brand names we are surrounded by. There is also nothing like a beginning reader to drive home how many exceptions there are in English!


She's always been keen on writing, and now that she's starting to learn to read she's keen to write out her thoughts too. It's very interesting because I always thought that the words she mispronounces were caused by difficulty forming the sounds with her tongue. Turns out that she actually hears them the way she says it. Eg Thank You (Fuh F ah A nnn N kuh is that C or K Mommy?)


Elizabeth also loves to type (like mommy and daddy!). I guess it was inevitable that she would start typing out her stories. She typed each letter after asking me how to spell the words she couldn't figure out on her own (and lest you get the wrong idea, let me hasten to add that that was most of them, except for "cat", "man" and "car"). Then I printed it for her and she illustrated it. The letters in the illustrations is the cat's name


She's pretty proud of the result. 

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