May 3, 2013
Sneak Peep

One of the perks of being a museum member is getting invited to things like the sneak peek of the new building at the farm.


The new exhibit is all about making cake, starting from growing the grain to make the flour. The various harvesting machines actually work. The thresher (?) is a special unit that was used for demonstration purposes at a college or university somewhere, and therefore has one panel removed for proper observation. They also have a working scale model of a grain elevator! Obviously they don't allow the public to operate what is essentially half a combine harvester, so it's an exhibit for which I'd recommend attending the demo given by the guide.


There were apple butterflies. There was cake. There was the most beautiful potato I have ever seen. There was a really strange light controller that Brendan is still trying to make sense of. Of course we also said hello to all the animals. Elizabeth was tickled to be given her very own vegetable brush.

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