May 7, 2013

These are the outtakes and extras from our cousinly calendar photo shoot (May!) The girls took pictures while Daddy and Grandpa played in the basement. 


Poor Erika was suffering mightily with her allergies, Matthew just wanted to sleep and Xander and Elizabeth wanted to run around. So for once Maria was my photo star - smiling in every single photo (and we may have taken just a few...)


After tulip pictures we played in the park for a while until it got so late that we called Daddy for a ride home. Have I mentioned that our next car needs to have more than five seats? It was vegetable day, so the partying continued while we sorted them out. The girls were having so much fun playing that we ended up hosting an impromptu dinner party. The girls sat at their own little table in the gazebo (they are getting to be so big!!!). Matthew sat at the adult table cooing and showing off his three word baby sign vocabulary.

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