May 2, 2013

Brendan and I worked rather crazy hours at the beginning of May, including literally overnight April 30th. (We were implementing a client who decided to export and import their data into our new system in the middle of the week) Elizabeth had a sleepover with her Auntie Janice that night, since she shares a bedroom with our office!


Usually we work most of the week from home, but I needed to be at a client location. Matthew was rather unimpressed. Elizabeth did not take a bottle as an infant, and it's looking like Matthew won't either. Grandma J fed him about an ounce spoon by spoon while he screamed. Grandma H bundled him into the car and brought him to me at work.


Elizabeth was surprised to learn that most parents actually leave the house for the entire work day every single day. She isn't quite sure what she thinks of this, although she did enjoy being indulged by her grandparents. Grandma H arranged a teddy bear picnic and many, many games of "Button, Button, Be so high"

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