May 26, 2013
Music Recital (reprise)

Elizabeth's second music recital was better than her first. Miss Hannah and Mrs Shana's recitals are certainly the most organized and enjoyable thing of their kind that I've ever attended. They run like clockwork - starting on time, finishing on time and so far there has been none of the stress typical of a child's recital (you know, where the kid starts out real fast and then pauses and has to take several runs at it before completing the piece. If they complete the piece. Just think about James Herriot's brilliant description of his son's "soothing" music recital.)


The kids entered as a group in a "rhythm band". Each child was introduced before their piece, along with an explanation of why they selected that particular piece. The child played their piece (and after two recitals with hardly a pause or noticeable error by any of the participants, even the tiny ones - I'd say this is a credit to the instructors!) After every three or four pieces, there was a group activity of some kind.


This time, memories of lollipops made Elizabeth willing to climb onto the stage for every activity. She didn't exactly walk confidently by herself but I didn't have to sit on stage with my arm around her (progress!). When it was her turn she had to be prompted to smile, but smile she did. She was very proud of herself at the end.



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