May 17, 2013
Pedal bike

Elizabeth received a pedal bike from her collective grandparents for her birthday this year. As soon as the snow melted, we let Elizabeth try it out.


I think she was expecting it to be easier to ride than it was, because after that first time of wild lurches and much parental hanging on she wasn't super keen to try it again. One problem was that her feet tended to come off the pedals. On the balance bike she tends to scoot along and then put her feet down, which results in tipping over on the pedal bike. Remembering to keep pedaling was tricky. She was perturbed that she couldn't pedal backwards to go back (her bike has pedal brakes in addition to the hand brake). Steering was unexpectedly a problem. But we kept at it and she quickly improved.


Now the only problem is that she can't get on or off the bike by herself. Mommy is getting a lot of exercise while running beside the bike to catch her if she unexpectedly veers into the grass. "I'm making you run, Mommy!" shouts Elizabeth gleefully as I frantically try to keep pace.

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