July 12, 2013
5 months

At five months, Matthew is officially mobile. He can get up more or less on all fours, but doesn't know what to do next. Mostly he spins in circles or scoots backwards away from his desired target. When he really wants to move forwards, he tends to flop onto his tummy, lift his head like a turtle and tries to swim through the air.  It's hilarious, but beached whale is not an effective way to move around. So frustrating! On less smooth surfaces (ie bed with comforter on it) he can get where he wants to go (albeit slowly) and is starting to figure out how to get out of bed. Time to lower the crib!


He can sit unassisted, but rarely sees the point. Usually something shiny grabs his attention and off he wiggles. Standing is much more popular, though he tends to lurch sideways suddenly when he gets tired.


He is more and more talkative and makes a wide variety of emphatic noises, including a MMMM sound when he really wants milk. He is still signing too. He knows change, diaper, milk, all done and more, but doesn't quite agree with mom and dad on the meaning. Milk seems to mean he wants liquids (he signs milk when he wants his sippy cup too!) He often uses "diaper" as "want" and "change" when he just wants to be doing something else.


He's still extraordinarily grabby and I'm still losing fistfuls of hair at a time. Elizabeth sometimes tries to put the casualties back on my head. Speaking of Elizabeth, Matthew LOVES to watch his big sister doing things. She seems to love the attention and is starting to interact with him much more - incorporating him into her games and giving him a role like "doctor". She also likes to bring him toys to play with. She has definite ideas about what is appropriate for babies to play with. She isn't keen on him playing with "her" toys in case he "ruins" them. "You never know when it comes to babies, after all".


He still loves to bounce in the jolly jumper but is now starting to enjoy other activities (lying on the floor with some toys, excersaucer, play mat with dangling toys, etc...) and will focus on a given activity for a good 30+ minutes at a time as long as he isn't too tired. He has a great laugh and finds all sorts of things downright hilarious.


He really, really, really (did I mention really?) wanted to have some big person food. Anyone who has eaten with us recently has commented on his fixation with what we are eating. Current research recommends that children of celiacs start wheat between 5 and 6 months, so we let Grandpa H give him his first solids before leaving. Elizabeth haaaated food as a baby, so I was very nervous. So far, Matthew seems to love it. He tends to tip his head way back like a baby bird and smacks his lips for more. The sippy cup is very popular too. The biggest problem is that he wants to feed himself but isn't really coordinated enough! So far we've given him barley oat cereal ("may contain wheat and gluten"), wheat cereal and Indian Butter Chicken. He made hilarious faces and wanted more.

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